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A crowd demonstrates for an unknown cause.A crowd demonstrates for an unknown cause.


SAIH is non-partisan but not politically neutral. Every day, we strive to advocate for policies that matter to our members.

Below, you'll find an overview of the organization's members, structure and key documents.



SAIH is a democratic membership organization consisting of 44 organizations, all with ties to higher education in Norway.

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  • Akademikerne

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  • Universitetet i Bergen

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  • Utdanningsforbundet

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  • Norsk Studentorganisasjon

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  • Pedagogstudentene

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Our governing bodies

The Annual Meeting is SAIH's highest authority and is held once a year. Here, our member organizations and local chapters gather to make important decisions for the organization.

The Board is SAIH's highest decision-making body between the Annual Meeting and convenes at least six times a year.

The National Council is the advisory body to the Board and meets at least three times a year. The National Council consists of representatives from SAIH's member organizations and local chapters.

The Control Committee oversees SAIH's operations and ensures that the organization is run responsibly within Norwegian laws and in accordance with statutes, guidelines, and approved budgets. Members of the committee cannot hold other positions or roles within SAIH.

The Election Committee consists of three members who are elected at the Annual Meeting and are tasked with finding candidates for key positions and nominating them for election.

The Information Committee consists of four members working voluntary for SAIH. The committee collaborates with the Executive Committee on organizational tasks.

SAIH's secretariat comprises approximately 20 employees based at the office in Oslo, playing a supportive and executive role within the organization. The secretariat is led by the executive director, who holds the administrative responsibility.

We work according to these documents:

Please note that some documents are only available in Norwegian.


  • We demand that the Israeli government stops limiting the right to education for Palestinians

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  • SAIH støtter studentenes krav om demokrati i Myanmar

    Last ned
  • SAIH supports students demands for democracy in Belarus

    Last ned
  • Tilgjengelighet og åpenhet av høyere utdanning

    Last ned
  • SAIH supports increases in student financial support in Norway

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  • SAIH skal ikke ha arrangementer på samenes nasjonaldag(...)

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  • Decolonization towards pluralistic knowledge practices in higher education (2023-2026)

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  • Enhancing accessibility to the STAR program(...)

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Position notes:

Annual report and accounts:

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