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While we walk around free on campus, can study and express ourselves politically about what we want, the situation is quite different for countless students and academics in several parts of the world.

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Many young people today lack access to higher education. Poverty, high school fees, discrimination, war and conflict are some of the reasons. After the corona pandemic, the situation has become even worse.

Students and academics who stand up for the right to education and academic freedom risk losing their jobs, the opportunity to complete their education, experiencing abuse, violence and imprisonment.

This is what SAIH is working to change, in collaboration with local organizations in Latin America, southern Africa and Asia.

What is the "SAIH TENNERS"?

The SAIH tenners is a voluntary contribution you can choose to pay alongside your semester fee - as an act of solidarity with students and academics globally.

Today, the tenners has become a long tradition among Norwegian students, dating back to the 1960s when SAIH was founded.

Your student democracy can choose to become a member of SAIH and to introduce the tenners. The tenners is approved and regulated in accordance with the “Lov om Samskipnader § 10 (and § 16 in the regulations)”.

SAIH encourages all the institutions to have a reservation system. If your institution does not have its own system for refund, you can get the money refunded by SAIH, here.

What am I supporting?

The SAIH tenners are vital for SAIH`s work - in Norway and internationally.

SAIH collaborates with 40 local organizations in Latin America, Southern Africa, and Asia. Your tenners support students who are politically arrested and expelled from their university, it provides leadership training for young women, information and training on sexual and reproductive rights, in-service training of teachers and so much more.

You also support SAIH's political advocacy work. In recent years, we have, among other things, been a key driver for the establishment of the Norwegian section of "Scholars at Risk" and the Norwegian program «Students at Risk».

More than 90 % of the money SAIH fundraises goes directly to our projects, while less than 10 % goes to administration and fundraising.

Every year, more than 200,000 students at universities and colleges across Norway contribute with SAIH tenners.

Dear students, thank you four your support!

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